Captive Submission Requirements

Group Captive or Single Parent Captive Information Needed:

  • Name and address of insured
  • History of captive and/or group
    • Operations description and purpose
    • Years in existence
  • Prior and Current Structure 
    (including lines of coverage, retention, limits, excess carriers, and service companies)
  • Marketing Strategy
    • Target Accounts
    • Projected Growth
    • Competition

Program Information:

  • Detailed account of past and present exposures
  • Size (average)
  • Desired coverage (line of business)
  • Rating information policy forms (line of business)

Policy Forms:

  • Current policy forms
  • Copies of all endorsements
  • Pending changes (if applicable)
  • Underwriting Administration
    • Staff experience
    • Underwriting guidelines and procedures
    • Premium dollar-expense component breakdown
    • Rating structure

Claims Administration Management:

  • Corporate philosophy
  • Staff experience (include resumes of claims staff)
  • Procedures and authority levels
  • Copy of claims service agreement
  • Large loss strategy

Loss Information:

  • Past 5 years’ currently valued loss information
  • Loss runs for current period
  • Detailed description of all losses (in excess of $25,000)
  • Triangulated data (if available)
  • Summary of group data (line of business)

Loss Control:

  • Safety manual
  • Programs and guidelines
  • Copy of service agreement
  • Copy of a specific report/survey

Actuarial Reports (if available):

  • Ultimate loss picks
  • IBNR and loss reserve analysis
  • Rate analysis and funding requirements


  • Investment strategy
  • 2 years of audited financial statements
  • Description of state domicile taxes, assessments, and fees
  • Dividend policy of the group


  • By-laws
  • Documents of incorporation
  • Offering memorandum

For More Information, Contact

James Woodard