Adjustment Service Lines

Workers' Compensation, Auto Liability, General Liability, Medical Malpractice, Professional Liability and Property.

Audit Service

The Sandner Group will conduct an impartial review of your incumbent claim service provider. We will report our findings in an Executive Summary inclusive of individual file critiques and a recommendations section.


We will conduct a free review of your open and closed claims. The Sandner Group will then handle those cases identified on a contingency fee basis. This will have a quick but positive impact on your bottom line.

Special Projects or Run-Off

The Sandner Group will handle your problem block of claim files. Since all our claim professionals are highly experienced, we can make a difference where others have failed.

Audit Services

  • Do you have concerns regarding the quality of the adjustment process with your current claims administrator?

  • Are all of your automobile subrogation claims being asserted to reduce costs associated with this program?

  • Is your claims service provider filing liens on the appropriate claims in an effort to reduce costs on your workers’ compensation program?

  • Are negligent parties that may have caused or contributed to your losses getting away without paying their fair share?

  • Is your litigation management program customized to meet the needs of the individual case as well as your expectations and service instructions?

  • Is your service provider just paraphrasing the suggestions of the defense attorney and not taking charge of the case?

If you have any of these concerns about your liability or workers’ compensation program, let The Sandner Group provide you with an impartial audit to confirm or deny the correctness of the adjustment process. The Executive Summary we provide will include specific suggestions and recommendations on what can be done to improve your overall program.

Property, Auto,
General Liability & Professional Liability

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